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Blocked directory access and change to directory permission 755

On your web hosting services, when you connect to FTP server to perform maintenance files, you need to know to get the authorization files and directories. Setting access permission incorrect result files and directories can not get updated, and php scripts can not make changes to these files as well. Wrong file permissions also mean security risks. Overall, you must set the access permission by user group, divided OWNER PERMISSION, group authorization, and PUBLIC AUTHORITY.

Directory 755 permission means permission to write for owner only, and no authorization given to the group and the public to write to the hostgator directory. This is the default setting for most of your web files and ftp directory, you mean that the owner can write to the hostgator directory and to access and complete control.

Directory permission 777 is risky, because his writing allows everyone, including the public and user groups. If you want to set the directory permission to 777, make sure you do it right and give him the right to alwayr.

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