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Hostgator Cpanel advertisement/ads … is for good

Recently, I met again … some people wonder why there are ads in hostgator cpanel user. Some users do not host gator to see ads or anything additional to their control panel. I was a bit of effort to dig into details of whats going on .. although I’ve only seen ads on the first day I registered, and are already seeing more than two months time, and does not bother me again!

So I took another trip to hostgator account, login to cpanel, and capture this screenshot for everyone to see here. Some new users who are not registered hostgator, this is how the advertising will look like

Its not look bad at all. That’s my comment, and these are useful links. As I have seen and tried, I clicked on the monster model, and it is a “model by a monster model” … I will definitely use this link when buying the new model 🙂

Second, there are links adbrite, which is a fast growing online advertising. Something like PPC, google adsense for example. Something about adbrite is that they provide more service type, and I saw they sell text links as well. What is extreme useful way to promote your website, and even rank in search engines. And even more, they allow you to “sell adspace …” … a little income for you I guess.

Conclusion is that this is the way advertising is like cpanel hostgator, and its features that I think of dollars to get out. Since it offers the user a hostgator cpanel would be the ideal place to implement these.

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