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Hostgator Hosting: A Few Things You Should Know

Hostgator Hosting: A Few Things You Should Know

Hostgator hosting is a web hosting company. In this type of web hosting, choosing a good company is always very difficult and hard. Web hosting is growing day by day in online and more competitions are faced in business. Let us see about 10 things we should know about Hostgator hosting.

IX Web hosting is very efficient web hosting process with good service. This hosting offers nice schemes and guarantees. There are no limitations for hosting of more domains. The IP address used here is reliable and has data structure support. Hosting security has many layers and more servers. Control panel is very easy for usage. IX is also one of the top most hosting companies.

Blue host also has more hosting domains in business. Host monster is also same as blue host and it has the same features and plans. These companies use similar technology for customer service. Some special features are they have audio and video streaming. The best idea given by this company is that it doesn’t require cost for website and domain.

IPower is one of the most fast growing companies. It is one among the top five companies in the world and has more customers. It includes more search sites and website options. It includes free domain name, more mails and credits from popular sites. It earns reliability from well known software companies.

Hostgator is the top most company in the world. This company earns more than lakhs of domains with more employees. Hostgator is the best choice for business and personal use. This hosting is fully guaranteed and it is highly reliable.

Web hosting features in Hostgator is well and good. It is highly flexible, reliable and user friendly. This hosting has no pay of cost for website development and audio video streams. Hostgator also has thousands of templates for web hosting. The site transfer, domain transfer and SQ1 transfer are all good. The hosting plans have free installation in our account.

Control panels are very peculiar and it has backups for sites instantly. They have a well versed network for usage. The panel also has facility to view error pages. It also involves more web portals, forums, blogs in web and also Web based security, IP managers, URL with redirector etc.

Programming features of Hostgator has no limitations with SQL databases and PHP. All the latest languages are used in this web host. Programming modules are also well versed and also has page extensions in it. Mailing features in Hostgator hosting is not limited with some mail transfer protocols. It has unlimited mail


  1. EnjoyableApps

    @dreamdezign My god, what is your problem? i am using hostgator, called there support 3 times tonight and they picked up in 20seconds! My old web master suggested them and he knows his stuff. i think they are fine. why do you hate them so much? You must be a competitor.

  2. WebHosting1000

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  3. 1348jay

    Hi guys i just thought i would say who i host through and its Hostgater. Good thing Hostgator has different coupons for which you can really save money.
    This coupon code got me 25% off its gator32345 I really love them!
    Or use HOSTBONUS2 because I payed only $0.01 for my Hostgator hosting on start up for my blog!
    I couldn’t believe it at first but I tried it and it really works. Thanks Hostgator

  4. cameraguide

    hostgator are awesome i use them for all of my websites. if you use the coupon code: babysnappingcroc you can save 25% off your hosting which is pretty cool

  5. couponshg

    Hostgator is one of the best (if not the best) web hosting companies. I can’t believe some of the comments above. They don’t have over 2.000.000 customers because they sux do they? :S

    On the side note – there’s a new coupon lurking around the web that takes 25% OFF any order. To get those 25% OFF, you have to use HOSTG25OFF on order page.

  6. TheSanityhealer

    Hostgator is great, and a lot of points which u review badly have been updated, check it out 🙂

  7. powerofsoul911

    @hostthetruth HostGator is one of the most solid hosting there. Just try their professional and friendly Online Chat. Support is AMAZING – I have used “onecentcoupons” hostgator coupon to get $9.94 OFF (first month for one cent). Recommending!

  8. JC13ist

    coupon code:discount145 get around $10 dollars off at hostgator

  9. madbab00n

    maddiscount – coupon for $9.94 off! a hosting package

  10. sixfigureclicks

    @droneant – This video originally went to affiliate links. I stripped those away some time ago. But, no, I did not expressly make the video to make affiliate money; it was more like a “fan video.” Even now, years later, I’m still a fan of HostGator. Their rates have stayed the same, their customer service is still excellent. In short, it’s a web host where I can just “set it and forget it.”

  11. droneant

    @sixfigureclicks Interesting so your saying you made this video for affiliate commissions and now its not for that.

  12. sixfigureclicks


    Wrong. I make absolutely zero affiliate money from this. I have no affiliate links.

  13. sixfigureclicks

    Wrong. In fact, I even stripped my affiliate links out of this a long time ago.

  14. webhostingsreview

    Great video thanks for the information and sharing this with us if you need to find a good web host then please feel free visit us to get real reviews all review generate our ranking.

  15. sixfigureclicks

    @NoSirYes Thanks. I’ve had them for something like 3 solid years now. Technical support is amazing. I’ve probably initiated 300 chats over these years, and only had 2 or 3 where they couldn’t help me. And all of them picked up the chat within minutes.

  16. NoSirYes

    Very nice review. Thank you. I’ve just switched to HostGator and am extremely happy with them so far. Their technical support is 2nd to none. I wish my phone company was as responsive and friendly as these guys/gals. NetFirms was the *worst* host I’ve ever used in my life. In the early 90’s I had owned and operated several of my own NT servers, providing webhosting to the general public. I do know what I’m talking about with respect to hosting. HostGator rocks (so far!). Thanks again.

  17. MsInternational123

    thank you….

  18. hostthetruth

    Don’t trust these host reviews because they could be an affiliate and have a bias towards the host they are reviewing. The only way to receive accurate information is customer reviews.
    Check out host the truth dot com for customer reviews. feel free to donate your host opinions as well

  19. menac1de

    HostGator is becoming their own domain registrar soon. Registry Rocket will be going away once we become our own registrar.

  20. 600RR4Life

    just check your site you look like good guy and also this is real review he not trying make sales. i use godaddy for domain and hosting HostGator. i am one those guys who have those page you seen on google say top10besthosting.


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