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Hostgator Hosting Review ? Is Hostgator hosting setting the benchmark for other hosting companies?

Hostgator Hosting Review ? Is Hostgator hosting setting the benchmark for other hosting companies?

Why do I partner with Hostgator hosting? Well, I have been involved in Internet connectivity and hosting solutions for over 15 years. Finding a suitable web hosting company can be quite a challenge when you are faced with a sea of web hosting company websites. Making a decision based purely on what you see on the company’s website can turn into a disaster, a professional looking website is no guarantee of first class service.

The safest way to assess the credibility of a web hosting company is to check what kind of imagine or online identity they have. Chances are that if you were to search any of the major search engines for Hostgator or Hostgator hosting you will see a number of articles and plenty of Hostgator hosting reviews. This is normally a good sign, people don’t often go through the effort of writing reviews for companies with inferior products or services. The normal trend would be to rather write a complaint or post a complaint on a blog.

Hostgator has been around since 2002 and I have been a customer since their inception. Compared to many of the other hosting companies they have a unique business model, one that does not focus purely on providing the cheapest web hosting solution around. Instead, they prefer to provide one of the best hosting services at very cheap prices. The hosting jury is out and Hostgator has definitely come out on top. Unlimited diskspace and unlimited traffic are standard on all of their packages, they are happy to let you grow at your own pace.

Hostgator also offer arrange of value added services free to all their customers. One of these value adds is the library of tutorial videos that can teach you just about everything you would need to know about web hosting services. Other hosting companies battle to even provide proper support so the chances of getting quality training from them with me unlikely, well not for free anyway.

Hostgator hosting is clearly setting the benchmark for other hosting companies and it has done so by providing a high quality service with very cost effective and affordable packages. The Hostgator coupon system is also brilliant for new customers.

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