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Hostgator joomla hosting

Hostgator CMS hosting is one of the best web hosting company-we never saw, and they offer cpanel quality accommodation at an affordable level, use the hostgator coupon for 20% discount! Hostgator hosting with cpanel, use mysql and php are tailored for web hosting and joomla. And this review will focus on hostgator website joomla new configuration hostgator shared hosting plan.

Hostgator Fantastico> cpanel, you will find the next version of Joomla Hostgator CMS scripts available:

* Joomla 1.5
* Joomla

We chose Joomla 1.5 and start with installing joomla in a test folder / directory.

* New Installation (1.5.7)
The disk space requirements *: 24.54 MB
The disk space available *: 999894.5 MB

Once we have completed the configuration of the web site and install joomla, we connect to the administration site and configure the joomla site to put online. Joomla theme was chosen, the front page content has been added and a column of voting was also added. The joomla site is then tested and real view from the web browser. This is a joomla site work, and its loading speed is too fast. Hostgator shared hosting plan is suitable for joomla website hosting.

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